Did you know that up to 80% of interpersonal conflicts appear alongside people’s wishes? The question is why? If you do not know how to stop being offended by your girlfriend, then you do not know the conflict-free communication laws and you are not familiar with the “conflict-to-speech” theory. You do not need deep knowledge, but a minimum set of skills to avoid the tension of the situation. For example, do not get involved in a dispute where it affects the cause. It is assumed that you do not need to completely modify your friend’s opinion, but it is equally important to express your disagreement and maintain a good relationship with her. You need a dialogue, not an argument. If you want to get along well with it, always find something to agree with, rather than disagree. Differences are striking and to find a common language, you should have an open heart and remember it without stereotypes. Listen to it and do not interrupt it, ask for clarifications to understand it, synthesize this part of the conversation, and this is the whole technique to keep your girlfriend from getting upset.