Finding the right partner is not like looking for the right person for a vacation, it’s about looking for a person to share your time and life, and which, in some cases, you can love it for twenty, thirty, forty or more years. Choosing a marriage partner or a serious relationship is a serious matter and requires a concern, responsibility and honesty. But as soon as you find this special person, show respect, flexibility, the ability to compromise, maturity and responsibility. If you want to know how to find a partner, you should follow some tips. Certainly, many have heard stories from friends about how their partners or spouses found their way through the internet. Moreover, there are special dating portals where you can see the photo of the person you are interested in and you can start your correspondence in the messenger. This is a real fact: people meet online. On a dating site, not only ordinary people, but even celebrities enter. For example, actor Danila Shevchenko found her partner Ekaterina Petryanina on a dating site and after 10 days she asked her for marriage. To do this you need a gadget and internet connection.