If you’re a man in search of information on how to apologize to your girlfriend, you’ve obviously messed up. Conflicts come in all sizes and all degrees of severity. Some arguments are small and only result in your girl not talking to you for a few hours. Others are much more serious and may leave you dumped and rejected. If you and she broke up over something you did, you need to make amends now. Learning how to do that the right way can be the difference between a future with the woman you love and a lonely outlook filled with regret.

Learning how to apologize to your girlfriend the right way involves recognizing that being genuine and direct is the best approach. You have to first come to terms with what you did that hurt her. Be honest with yourself about this. Don’t try and sugar coat it or explain it away. Own up to it. Recognize that you made a horrible mistake. Once you can do that, it’s then time to approach her to let her know you’re sorry.

Bringing along a peace offering may seem like a great idea when you’re thinking about how to say sorry to your girlfriend, but it’s actually not. Flowers are the typical gift that a man presents a woman when he’s done something to hurt her, but you want to leave the flowers at home for now. Instead, call up your girlfriend, ask her to meet you somewhere and then be there early. You don’t want to keep her waiting.

Try to keep your emotions in check as you tell her simply that you’re sorry for what you’ve done. Don’t try and go into a long and drawn out explanation for your actions. Just tell her that you regret what you’ve done and the pain it has caused her. You may feel a desire to tell her that you won’t do it again, but now may not be the right time for that. She may not believe you because she’s so lost in emotional pain.

Your actions following the apology are just as critical as the apology itself. You have to change and you have to let your behavior speak for you. From this moment on you need to make a vow to yourself that you won’t do whatever it was that caused the conflict in the first place. Show your girlfriend you are mature enough to identify and learn from your mistakes. That’s really what she wants and when she sees that you’re willing to grow and improve who you are, she’ll be much more willing to forgive and forget.

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