The most obvious way to make someone like you is by showing that you have an interest in them. If you do not pay any attention to this person at all, then why should they pay any attention to you?

When you show some interest in someone, then you will open the door for a possible friendship or a romantic relationship, and you should make it clear what kind of relationship you want.

If you want to grow a relationship with someone, then you have to plant the seed of interest first. From there, a meaningful relationship can begin to grow.

There are many ways to show your interest in another person. To start off with, you can say hi to that person when you see them and goodbye when you leave. This is just the bare minimum and is something you can do with everyone that you are around.

After you have established some sort of groundwork, ask that person how they are doing or how their weekend was. This shows that you have an interest in getting to know that person and what they do in their life.

To even further show your interest in this person, get to know what their likes and dislikes are. What are their interests? What did they bring to work for lunch? How are their kids doing? Find ways to ask them about the little things about their life.

Demonstrate your knowledge of these things when you have conversations and this person will know that you have been making the effort to get to know them. If you do these things then it will be clear that you have an interest in this individual.

The classic example is if the person reminds you of someone you once loved before. We usually follow a pattern and fall in love with the same type of person that we loved in our past. So if someone reminds you of someone you once loved before, but you weren’t consciously aware that they were reminding you of someone from your past …you might find yourself falling in love at first sight with them and not really knowing why. You’ll then just think it was “fate” that you fell in love with them.


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