To get in touch with feminine energy, she sets up several meetings with her close friends. Communicate with women who accept and love you. If you decide to address a psychologist, allow her to be a woman much older than you. It is also useful to communicate with grandparents and also if you are not married to married women. This will help to “accumulate” the missing energy in your life. Also, to get in touch with feminine energy, she often asks for help from men. On a regular basis, go to massage or dance and yoga – only with a female teacher, preferably married. Do not talk obscenities – this is a manifestation of masculine energy. He often nourishes someone: your lover, your girlfriends, the animals. Be a charity. Regularly get rid of unnecessary old things. Garbage can lose your energy. It enters the sea water, in the lake, bad or at least under the shower. Water is our feminine energy. Be affectionate, gentle and diplomatic, compliment yourself and other women. Seldom says “can” (this is a masculine formulation), and more often – “I want”. Do not be afraid to be alone, use this opportunity to save energy.