Why do we feel comfortable and pleasant to communicate with some people, to spend time, to live, and to others to annoy us, not to satisfy us, to irritate us? It is very simple! Each of the zodiac signs have their own compatibility with other signs. Choosing a partner, friends, lovers is best done on the zodiac sign. You should check if your potential buddies match your horoscope. Astrologers, occultists and mystics claim that each of us is part of his element. In total, there are 4 types of basic elements corresponding to four types of energy: fire, earth, air and water. Every person holds all four types of energy, but only one of them can be more pronounced. In June 2019, a new month will appear in the Gemeni sign. As astrologers say, it marks a new beginning. The New Moon in Gemini offers positive energy to start your own business or new activities as well as make new friends. People with whom you constantly intersect at parties or social networks, colleagues at work, knowledge – all of them are potential friends. If you want to be in the company of one of them, find out which sign is and then take the first step.